Brought to life by the Creator of Moomba/La Belle et La Boeuf/Souvlaki Bar/Carlos & Pepes/Gatto Matto and Co-owner creator of Foodtastic (La Belle et La Boeuf, Souvlaki Bar, Carlos & Pepes, Monza, Bacaro, Nickels, Big Rig, AuCoq, Benny, Gatto Matto, Chocolato), Jacques Gaspo envisioned what is the most unique experience in Quebec, Miss Wong. Influenced by his love of Asian food alongside Chef Phong, Dan Pham (Le Red Tiger) and Nicolas Quevillon director of operations, Miss Wong pays homage to Asian-Canadian culture by creating a venue inspired by the archetypal Chinatowns seen in Hollywood films.

The eclectic drink menu, from sakes to wines to Asian beers and Micro breweries, the delicious food menu crafted by Chef Phong that caters to the modern foodie, and the chic decor are all inspired by a fusion of Asian cultures; China, Japan and South East Asia including Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Enjoy monthly creations and daily promotions during your next visit.

Miss Wong channels the sensuality of a speakeasy and embraces the spirit of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ by honouring the first Chinese-American movie star and beauty icon, Miss Anna May Wong. Starting her career in the 1920s, this era marks a cultural shift connected to modernity, self-indulgence, and the rise of amazing nights; everything that Miss Wong embodies. The new menu also pays tribute to other Asian-American actors including Keye Luke, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, with dishes related to their roles or named after the movies they starred in.

Miss Wong’s menu features over 10 signature cocktails created by expert mixologists, a vast beer, sake and wine list, and beyond mouth-watering Asian cuisine featuring homemade dumplings, wontons, spring rolls, raw bar, traditional dishes and more that can please also the vegan and keto adept, ensuring that no guest leaves hungry. Not to mention its alluring ambiance with incredible DJs playing anything from the 80s, to lounge hits, to old school R&B will have you coming back night after night.

Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 5 PM, in the heart of Laval in Centropolis, Miss Wong will treat you to the best 5 à 8s Lucky Hours, and unforgettable nights with your crew.